Miracle on Possibility Street

possibiltiyYou are out for a drive on Christmas morning and you decide to go exploring. While driving down a new street you have never been on you see your dream home. You throw on the breaks and come to a screeching stop. You cannot believe your eyes. This is it. The perfect house. Your perfect house. The color, the style, the windows, the doors, every detail is there exactly as you have imagined. Every detail of the house is your dream. The yard is landscaped and perfectly manicured. All of the roses and flowers are in full bloom as they should be. The grass is the greenest you have ever seen. Cut perfectly. You are so excited you pull over to the curb. Every sense in your being is alive and electrified.
Still in shock that you are looking at your dream you get out of the car. Kneeling at the front edge of the yard you run your fingers through the soft green grass. Never have you felt grass this soft. You stand up and walk toward the path that leads to the front door of your dream house. As you walk up to the path you notice something peculiar and come to a stop.
At the start of the path to the front door of your dream house is an old rusty gate with a sign that reads “Keep Gate Closed Do Not Enter.” You also notice that there is no fence left on either side of the gate. There is just this old gate and sign that stops you in your tracks and blocks the way. You are still thinking about this house. What the inside must be like? Does the backyard have the swimming pool and garden you have dreamed of? You can’t get there though because of the gate in your way.
To make it down the path you have a choice. You could turn around and walk away from your dream house thinking that the path was blocked and there is nothing you can do about it. You could stand there frozen in place staring at it in awe never being able to see how perfect this dream house is for you. You could try to open the old rusty gate and struggle with gate. You could decide to walk the gate but worry what people would think when they see walk past the old gate. Or you could easily step around the old rusty signed gate walking down the path to your dream house singing Deck the Halls, walk in the front door of your dream house and discover what’s under the Christmas Tree for you.
I have my dream. You have your dream. Consider that what is blocking the path has no more power than a lonely old rusty signed gate that reads “Keep Gate Closed Do Not Enter” that you are able to just step around. Consider that what is stopping you and I has no power than that which we each allow it to have.
Its Christmas morning on Possibility Street. What choice are you making? What’s under the Christmas Tree for you?

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