Peace to Orlando

30257-Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Quote-I-have-decided-to-stick-with-love-HateMy heart goes out to all of those affected and touched by the horrible shooting in Orlando. Prayers, peace, love, light to everyone touched.

I am proud I have friends who are LGBT, straight, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, theist, deist, no claim, from multiple nations, ethnicities, languages, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist . . . and I like it that way. I have designed my life that way. I am proud of my life.

This mass murder has been called a hate crime, a terrorist attack, a combo of both. I see terrorism as a hate crime. It’s all the same. You can even throw bullying in the same pile. It all starts and comes from the same place. It is also my personal believe, from my own life and evidence, that it all starts with some sort of bullying, put down, insult combined with the feeling of being powerless, and the believe that the only way to have power is to reciprocate on a small level. It then grows from there. That is how wars start. That is how terrorism and hate grows.

What if we all start with one person in our life. One person close-by. Change that relationship thus changing us and them, and changing that one piece of the world. Why? Because it I hate someone across the planet that I have not met, that is not first hate. It started with someone close to me. It may have started with hate that was directed at me. And I grew it to hate others. You see I know that has happened to me. It is not something I desire in my life.

Some will read this and ask, “Would he defend himself and his family?” Yes, I would but at the same time I will not hate and I will stand for peace.


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