More Ramblings – Disenfranchisement

The Following is a FB post I wrote on November on 10 about 36 hours after the election.

The word disenfranchise is being used a great deal in this election and politics as a whole. I have seen and heard where Clinton’s supporters feel disenfranchised. I have seen and heard that those who voted for Trump felt disenfranchised by the Obama administration.

Disenfranchise has 3 main definitions that I have found. The first is to be “deprive of the right to vote”. That is not the case here. Of the 240 million voting age US citizens only 4 millions because of the law are not allowed to vote. That leaves 236 million voting age of which only about 200 million are registered to vote and only about 120 million of the 200 million voted. Of developed countries the US has one of the lost voting percentages in the world.

The two other definitions are “deprive of a right or privilege” and “deprive of power, marginalized”. I believe this is where it starts. In my first paragraph I used the phrase “feel disenfranchised”. The key is word is feel or feeling. Of the 240 million voting age or registered we have about 115 million people on both side who feel their vote does not matter so they either do not register or do not vote.

Every citizen in this country has rights and privileges by law. That said I know that is not perfect. However, I believe that most of the nation, either side, feel like they do not have the rights and privileges of law. The key again is “feel like.”

The third definition is “deprive of power or marginalize.” Again the phrase “feel like” will come into play.

My point is the greatest percentage of the nation feels no sense of personal power, personal greatness, personal freedom. This is a societal systemic issue. What has happened to personal power, greatness, and freedom? I know in the past it was taken away by law for many. I believe that is not the case now. Either way I assert the government cannot grant or take away that which you feel like you will never have or cannot have regardless of law. We have a system where 10’s of millions are depending on the government or another group for their personal power, greatness, freedom.

This is the saddest and most critical part. Everyone by right of their being has personal power, greatness, freedom. Each person must claim it, activate it, use it, live it, share it. And not wait on the government or another group to say “you have it, go use it.” This nation was founded on innate personal power, greatness, and freedom but we have allowed it to be beat, drained, taken from us. Some felt powerless when it was beat, drained, taken but even beating, disservice, lack of legal rights cannot take it away unless we allow it. Not even money, wealth can change this.

Those of us who know this, live it, believe it, (power, greatness, freedom), even if we ourselves struggle with it, need to shout it from the low places and the high places. Remind the adults, middle aged, even the elderly, and teach it to the children and teens. Everyone has regardless of age. This not something that we adults need to say “its too late for us, let the young make it.” Bullshit! We are there example. Are we telling them its there, its ok when your young but don’t count on it as an adult? In this I include every person of color, white, black, brown, tan, red. Every LBGT and every straight person.

Nothing, no one can take away what is yours by God-given, universal, natural design unless you give it up. Reclaim and take back what is yours, always has been, always will be.


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