Everett, WA

Bio: Tomm'y Essence is Leader Play Diamond Source Community and his purpose is Light. Tommy is known for his compassionate heart and powerful leadership. He has a heart for people to find and be their best and the power to coach them to infinite possibilities. His greatest desire is for his clients to discover their power and possibility to live the life of their dreams. Tommy’s coaching style is personal, compassionate, direct, and authentic. With Tommy as your coach you will find the road blocks that have kept you stuck and the will and ability to move beyond them. You will move yourself beyond where you ever imagined to an empowered, bold, fulfilled, inspired life. Tommy is driven for his client’s success because he knows what it is to be stuck yet to overcome; to be sad and angry only to find peace and joy; to move from fearful to living courageously. He believes that if he can, you can. Life has given Tommy a varied background. He has been married to the love of his life since 1985. Together they adopted and raised three older children all from an abusive past and are now living successful adult lives. This has also led to five wonderful grandchildren who he enjoys spoiling. Having lived in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri he and his wife now call Washington and the Pacific Northwest home. Tommy has led a varied career life that includes 25 years of church and social ministry and 16 years of teaching in special education. In church and social ministry he worked with youth, singles, and married couples, and also served as pastor and church planter. In special education he worked with behaviorally challenged, life skills, and medically fragile students. As an adventurer at heart, Tommy stays active by participating in CrossFit, yoga, hiking, running. He also has participates in charity events including the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

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