The Water Is


In all of time
In all of worry
The water is
It ebbs, it flows
Its tides go back and forth
The water is
No time nor worry

In all the storms
In all the winds
The water is
It rolls, it surges
It crashes back and forth
The water is
No storms nor winds

In all the softness
In all the hardness
The water is
It caresses, it hammers
It bends back and forth
The water is
No softness nor hardness

In all that is past
In all the present
The water is
It was, it is
It always will be
The water is
No past nor present

The water is
No matter what is
Time or worry
Storms or wind
Caressed or hammered
Softness or hardness
Past or present
The water is

Am I the water
Is the water me
Am I life
Is the water life
Are we the same
Ebb and flow
I am, the water is

© Tommy Price 2016